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4 ways renewables can help your business towards a sustainable future

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Getting ahead of the renewable curve has become essential for businesses of all sizes. It’s no secret that fossil fuel energy is polluting our atmosphere and destroying bio-diversity. With these harmful emissions destroying our planet, renewable energy can prevent us from causing further damage.

The environmental, economic and social benefits of green energy allow businesses to future-proof themselves, as we move towards net zero. To lessen our global carbon footprint, we must make use of natural resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy. Utilising natural resources will guarantee a steady flow of energy for businesses, in contrast to fossil fuel power, which will eventually run dry.

We take a look at how renewables can fast-track your business towards sustainability.

Price predictability

One of the biggest deterrents for a business when considering a switch to renewable energy is the initial expense. But in the long-term, the benefits of installing renewables largely outweigh the drawbacks. Switching to these energy sources means that businesses will benefit financially, in addition to reducing their environmental impact.

As fossil fuel resources continue to dwindle, their prices have risen considerably and they will only continue to increase as resources lessen further. This could mean falling behind those competitors that have already made the transition to renewable energy.

With onsite generation, excess or unused power can be sold back to the grid, adding to the financial benefits of renewable energy. Onsite generation and energy storage are fast becoming viable options for businesses in terms of financial savings. With government-backed initiatives in the UK, such as the Smart Export Guarantee, there are incentives to generating your energy onsite.

Get ahead of the curve

To stay competitive, businesses will have to adopt clean energy strategies. In order to put sustainable guidelines in place, they must shift their focus towards finding a green energy management plan. By procuring green energy or through onsite generation, businesses can take control of their impact on the planet. The reputational benefits of this, as the UK transitions to a net zero economy, cannot be overlooked.

Other than providing clients with the best possible service or product, a business should be transparent about its sustainable achievements and goals. Assuring clients and investors that your values align with environmental issues is a great way to boost public relations and secure future funding.

Create employment and boost the economy

As the energy sector continues to grow exponentially, more jobs are being generated which in turn boosts the local economy. A wider adoption of renewable electricity alone could see 150,000 jobs created by 2030. As UK decarbonisation progresses, this number will only continue to grow.

Renewables could also aid an economic recovery, in the aftermath of Covid-19. Last year, Thrive Renewables predicted that £66.5 billion would be invested in the UK’s onshore renewable energy generation sector between 2020 and 2035. This could see a £28.9 billion economic windfall for the UK. The economy will also benefit from running buildings and sites on cheaper, renewable sources rather than their outdated and expensive fossil fuel counterparts.

Get sustainable

By far the biggest benefit of renewables is the reduced environmental impact. In comparison to fossil fuel energy, renewables produce little to no harmful emissions. This means that, alongside benefits for the businesses that install them, renewables will put an end to further pollution of the environment.

Sourcing wind or solar energy requires next to no water, allowing water supplies to go unpolluted. In contrast, fossil fuel energy sources have a huge impact on global water supplies. Coal mining and natural gas drilling have been big pollutants of water over the years.

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How can we help?

With all the potential benefits of switching to renewables, why would you choose not to? In the drive towards net zero, it is essential that we steer towards green energy. At National Utility Hub, our green procurement service provides our clients with a step up in reaching their sustainability goals. With our years of experience and expertise, we are focused on providing clients with everything they need to start their journey towards sustainability.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you reroute towards a green future.

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