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5 reasons why businesses should encourage cycling to work

cycling down a high street

It’s time to dust the cobwebs off the handlebars, check the tyre pressure and find your old helmet, people! Cycle to Work Day is here, and not only is it the more sustainable option, but it’s beneficial for your employees’ health and wellness too.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should take part in Cycle to Work Day!

Boosts energy and productivity

People who cycle to work are more productive before they even sit at their desk, compared with their usual commute. A study has shown that there is a 15% increase in productivity from doing physical exercise in the morning before work, with an all-round better work ethic.

Improves mental health

There’s nothing like a good breath of fresh air, and cycling to work will get your lungs filled with it. Cycling doesn’t just have physical benefits – it also has mental benefits, with a 66% decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety. This leads to more focus on your work.

Reduces company emissions

Here at National Utility Hub, we care about our Earth. Your business could help too by cycling to work, with a zero emissions commute. A typical car commute will emit 5kg worth of CO₂, and a week’s worth would be 25kg of CO₂! The environmental benefits of cycling to work are clear.

Less journey time

No one wants to be stuck in traffic, or squeezed against a stranger for an hour on the tube! With more and more cars on the road, traffic nowadays is inevitable, especially at peak times. In 2018, the UK spent 1500 hours in traffic, and the hours spent stuck in traffic will only get bigger and bigger. Yet cycling will be a breeze, with a better average speed than a road car in peak times, and less time stationary.

Boosting morale

Many people have found the transition between isolation and being back in the office difficult. Cycling to work can be a good way to make the most of your morning commute while boosting endorphins and wellbeing in the office. This can have a positive effect on productivity, communication and morale.

Cycle to Work Day is not only about saving the planet or living a healthier lifestyle, it’s much more. From a happier mood to a quicker journey, cycling to work can smooth the way towards a post-Covid recovery for both your employees, and your business.

Authored by Veer Aujla during his work experience here at National Utility Hub.

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